Complete Services

  • ​Total Rebuild

​       -​Involves removing all the refractory lining and replacing with all                     new high quality Super Duty Firebrick and refractory materials as                   well as back up insulation. This process takes about 35 to 40 hrs to                 complete.  Job site is kept clean and safe at all times.  Complete                         heat up instructions provided on all repairs.    


  • After Chamber Rebuild

​       -After chamber repairs requires replacing all or a portion of                                 firebrick in various areas of the lower chamber, stack area, and hot                 pass throat area.

  • Floor, Wall, & Roof Replacements

​       -Floor / Hearth replacement involves demolition of old material                         and replacing the lower chamber center support wall, baffle if the                   unit has one and casting a new 3000 degree high strength                                   abrasion resistant material.  All floors are cast with a gentle rise at                 the loading and clean out doors for smooth and effortless removal                 of cremains.

​​Routine Service & Repairs

  • Stack Repairs

​       -Stacks can be repaired without being replaced!

  • Inspection & Maintenance

​       -Welding and mechanical services repairing stress cracks of the                         door frame, replacing or repairing draft inducer tubes, stack                               connection repairs, door adjustments,  bearings greased, and                             hydraulics checked.

  • ​Consulting

​​       -Consulting on retrofits turning an old cold hearth retort into a hot                   hearth.  Call Chuck to discuss any concerns or issues you may have.

  • Crematory equipment, parts, and supplies



Tune ups include a complete inspection of all components, air-fuel adjustments, control panel service, blower motor service, parts replacements.​


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