• ​Total Rebuilds
  • After Chamber Repairs
  • Floor, Wall, & Roof Replacements
  • Door Repairs
  • Baffle and Draft Inducer Repairs

​​Routine Service & Repairs

  • Patch Work, Door Seal Repairs
  • Clean Outs and Condition Reports
  • Inspections and Service Calls
  • Maintenance, Metal Repairs, Welding Services
  • ​Consulting​ - Retro Fits - Re-design

Chuck Zopfi

President & Owner

Furnace Tech Inc. is a fully insured and corporate approved Crematory Service & Repair company.  We can completely rebuild your crematory to like new condition or perform general repairs such as floors, walls, roofs, and after chamber replacements.
With over 35+ years in the business we can service any make and model furnace.
Our new proprietary hearth design will give your crematory extended time between those costly replacements! 
Give us a call and see why we have so many satisfied customers.  
We promise to keep your cremation retort operating smoothly and worry free.

​​Furnace Tech Inc.

Crematory Repair SERVICE

(727) 638-8305

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Furnace Tech, Inc., Furnaces  Industrial, Saint Petersburg, FL

Furnace Tech Inc.2814 Pinellas Point Drive S. Saint Petersburg, FL 33712(727) 638-8305​